Colorado Shorty Jacks
Shipping Information
I do ship my puppies in the United States.  I will ship to Canada or Alaska if I can get the puppy there in
a day.. If puppy has to be kenneled overnight, then shipping won't be available.   In US shipping is

 Puppies shipped out of Montrose OR Grand Junction Colorado can be sent with a blanket with
siblings smell, chewie, food and water dish with Delta Airlines.   I also use an alternate which is
United/Contennial Airlines. Both of these airlines are very good and responsible.
I can also ship 2 puppies in the same crate going to the same owner for
100.00 more..... this covers the
price for the health certificate.  
I prefer to make all the flight arrangements myself from this end and then I will let you know your
puppies' itinerary.  I  DO NOT let anyone else make my puppies flight schedules. I take the time to
make them all to help ensure the safety of the puppy and to  acquire a shorter flight time. Sometimes,
depending on the time of year, if the temperature exceeds the airlines stipulation, we will have to wait
for either a cooler day or a warmer day.

PLEASE NOTE....DENVER AREA RESIDENTS.... I can ship  or hand
deliver a puppy to Denver for
150.00 Please contact me for further
information if you have any questions.  Most of my new puppy parents
from the Denver area will make a scenic drive  over the  mountains and
pick their puppy up in person.  But if you are pressed for time, like alot of
us are.... then this is another option.
Vicki Watts @ Colorado Jacks
20464 Hwy 92
Delta, Colorado 81416
Home: 970-874-8892  or  Cell: 970-640-8798
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We are forever grateful
for our sweetie, Tessa
who  arrived via Delta
Airlines and came out of
the crate wagging and
ready to go! She is the
sweetest, best behaved
little girl and we can't
help spoiling her just a
bit! Vicki is the BEST! I
would never acquire a
jack from anyone else.
Nancy Steyers
Vicki has to be the best dog mommy
ever..our puppies Willie and Jameson
arrived by air safe and sound two months
ago....they were so well adjusted and not
opened their crate they greeted us with
wagging tails...since then they have been a
positive joy. I would love to have more
pups, but between my daughter and I we
have a total of four Jack's. Bless your heart
Vicki keep up this wonderful
vocation,nothing like puppy kisses......
Patti Basile