Shorty Russell Terriers of Colorado
Foods that I feed my dogs and puppies.
Small Breed Formula
For Puppies Weighing Under 20 lbs. at Maturity
Real CHICKEN is the #1 Ingredient
Pro Plan® nutrition comes from a combination of HIGH-QUALITY INGREDIENTS. We
begin with REAL CHICKEN AS THE #1 INGREDIENT. Real chicken provides high-quality
protein, which helps support muscle mass for strength and provides energy. WHOLESOME
GRAINS, including rice, are highly digestible sources of carbohydrates for energy and quality
fiber sources to promote easy cleanup. We carefully select each and every ingredient for its
nutritional value and to ensure it meets our STRICT QUALITY STANDARDS. That's why you
can be sure that your puppy receives exceptional nutrition and flavor in every bowl.
There are THREE SYSTEMS in the body that play a fundamental role in protecting your
puppy's overall health — The IMMUNE SYSTEM, The DIGESTIVE SYSTEM, and SKIN
AND COAT. Pro Plan uses a combination of quality ingredients providing essential nutrients,
high levels of protein, key vitamins and minerals, plus vital antioxidants to HELP NOURISH

Small Kibble Size
High levels of protein and calories in small, bite-size kibbles packed with nutrition to meet the
small puppy’s unique metabolic needs.

Strong Immune System
Complete nutrition with vital antioxidants and high levels of quality protein, including real
chicken, to nourish the developing immune system.

Radiant Skin & Coat
Vitamin A, linoleic acid and high-quality protein help support skin and coat health.

Optimal Weight
An optimal protein:fat ratio helps your dog maintain lean muscle mass and a healthy body
condition, when fed appropriately.
I believe in feeding the most nutritious and healthy puppy and dog food that you can afford.  
Below you will see what I feed my puppies and adult dogs.  I send along with each puppy a
puppy kit which includes the microchipping information, health, vaccination and worming
records.  Enough of the puppy food that I feed to last for several days, a blanket with sibling
smells and a favorite stuff toy.  A letter about continuing the crate training process and what to
watch out for until your puppy is fully vaccinated..
I also feed my adult dogs and puppies raw carrots as a treat.  They love 'em and is very
good for them plus their teeth..  Sometimes I cut up raw carrots and open up a can of green
peas to mix with their regular dog food.  My adult dogs loves the green peas as well!
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