Be as wonderful as your dog thinks you are!

I breed  the shortie jack russell terriers/russell terriers which is commonly known as the shorties..   I  
carefully plan their litters  to  insure you a healthy and happy pet for life.  
PLEASE keep in mind, that I will not sell a puppy to just anyone!   If  I think  that one of my
puppies won't be happy and loved  in your home,  than I will not be able to place the puppy in your
 My first and foremost concern is the welfare of the puppy.
PLEASE, do not be offended when I ask questions concerning your  home life!   My dogs and puppies
are like my  kids and I do want the best for them! name is Vicki Watts and also known as "Pack Leader".  I am owned and loved by several jack russell terriers.

I have lived in beautiful Western Colorado since 1987, originally coming from Southern Missouri.  My dogs and I own and live on a 23 acre
farm where we have plenty of room to run and play.  I have two grown children....Alisha who lives in Nibley Utah with her husband, two sons
and a daughter.  Alisha is a professional photographer who owns Oakstream Photography.   Please click on link if you would like to see
some of Alisha's work.
 Oakstream Photography   She has given me two wonderful grandsons and NOW a beautiful lil'
Granddaughter!.....Dakotah age 20 and Matthew age 15.  They love to  visit me and to help out with the dogs and puppies.  I also have a
son, Nathan  that lives with me and works as a mechanic at a  tire shop.  He is my right hand man and helps me in every way.

When I became single several  years ago.....I purchased my first two jack russell terriers which are Jasmine Lee and Shelby Lynn.  Little
did I know how these two lil' girls would change my life!  I am still single at the age of 59 and my life revolves around my jacks (better known
as my kids)!  They keep me going and laughing all the time.  They are definitely my shadow..they will even go to the bathroom with me if I let
them!  They are sooooo addictive....even to this day when I see a cute lil' jack puppy...I want it!  I just have to slap my hands and tell myself
Vicki Watts @ Colorado Shorty Jacks
20464 Hwy 92
Delta, Colorado 81416
Home: 970-874-8892  or  Cell: 970-640-8798
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Colorado Shorty Jack Russell Terriers
Home to some of the MOST CUTEST and  LOVABLE lil' Shorties
Vicki and A dog named Devil
Vicki & Tinker
Me when I was about 14 years
old and "Devil"
I'm NOT going to say how many years
ago this picture was taken!
Me about 20 years ago and
Dogs has always been my passion!
The proof is in the pictures!
Short Legged Jack Russell Terrier Puppy For Sale, Irish English Shortie Puddin Jacks, Shorty Jack Puppies, Smooth Broken Rough, EJRTCA  UKC Breeder,
I have been breeding and raising dogs for about 30 years now. Never on a huge scale however.  I had a
breeding pair of Dobermans many years ago.
I also raised the Llaso Apso's here in Colorado and the Chinese Shar-Pei.
I was fortunate enough to have Tanya Tucker adopt a Chinese Shar-Pei puppy from me. We use to raise
horses and mules here on the farm as well. I have been on "foal patrol" many, many nights.  I have been very
lucky to watch many mares foal.  We also imprinted our foals just like I do my puppies.

However when I was introduced to the Jack Russell Terriers about 16 years ago, I absolutely fell head over
heels in love with this active, smart and hilarious breed!  I started out with the long legs (Parsons), now I have
the shorties.  I  have given my heart and soul to these lil' guys and they have given back to me many times over.
"I am now retired from the work force..All my days are spent loving, playing and
caring for my lil' 4 legged kids!  Shorty jack russell terriers.  All this time spent on the
babies, I feel is very crucial to their future as well as the present in presenting a
happy, healthy and  well rounded  little dog."
Vicki in Colorado
Photo credited to my Grandson
Vicki and a shorty puppy
Alisha and her family
Here is my goofy daughter and her family!
From left to right...Dakotah age 15, Matthew age 10, Alisha
35 and Michael her husband age 36.  I bust out laughing
everytime I see this photo!!!  LOL
FYI...Alisha is a self taught
professional based in
Utah.  I am so very proud
of Alisha and all of her
throughout her life!
Please keep in mind...  I raise only the shorty jack russell terrier breed.  Heights can run from 8" - 12" tall.  They
come in a variety of colors, sizes and heights.  Therefore it is impossible to be able to guarantee the exact height,
weight and color when the dog reaches maturity.  I have puppies living all over the United States and some abroad.   
Nebraska, Washington, California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri and Michigan to pick their puppy
up in person.  I really enjoy meeting the new parents in person if at all possible...however sometimes it is NOT
possible so I do offer safe shipping.  I have shipped puppies to many parts of the United States in the 13 years I have
been breeding these awesome lil shorties..such as in Arkansas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Georgia,
Alabama,Virginia,Mississippi,Illinois,Wisconsin, Indiana and over to the east coast in New York, Vermont, New
Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, North and South Carolina and of course in Florida.   The puppies do
have to be 8 weeks old before we can ship them...Also ALL puppies have to be at least 8 weeks of age before you
can pick them up in person.  
2012 brought many changes here to Colorado Shorty Jacks.  FIRST.. my daughter Alisha presented me with my
very FIRST Granddaughter on November 9th.  Her name is Addison Lynn Ekstrom named after her Mother, me
and my cousin in Missouri.  All I can say is "what a blessing she is!"  Definitely you will be seeing pictures of her
posted throughout my website.  I have waited 17 years for a Granddaughter and the Good Lord finally blessed
me with one.

In the spring of 2012, I had a construction company come in to give this older house a new face lift.  I have lived
here in this home for 23 years without much done, so it was definitely time. Casia construction from Montrose
Colorado installed new stucco siding and put in all new doors and windows.  Sure makes a difference in looks
and my heating and cooling bills!!!

In the summer of 2012, I had the same construction company come in and install new tile  in two of my nursery
rooms here in my home.  The rooms now have tile on the floors and about 3' up on the walls complete with
HEATED FLOORS!  They are so nice and easy to clean!!! The puppies LOVE the heated floors!!!

You will also be seeing some "new dogs" here at Colorado Shorty Jacks. I have decided to add some new
bloodlines in 2013 sportin' the "lemon color".  I have bought a female "Desi" from my friend and fellow breeder
Jana Crawford and a male from another friend and fellow breeder, Gertie...  I have high hopes for these two
dogs... Desi and Baron.... They are still young, so I am just enjoying watching them play and grow with other
puppies from my own stock.

Sadly, I have rehomed all my blue eyed nigerian dwarf goats!  Sometimes, we just have to do things that we
don't want too, but we know deep down it is better for all that is concerned.  I also have older dogs that I will
need to rehome as well in 2013.  It is also with a heavy heart that I lost one of my favorite dogs this year due to
a surgery procedure. Abie was cremated and sits in my living room along side my precious Shelby Lynn who I
lost to cancer in 2011.

I feel very fortunate and thankful for all the new friends  I have made along the way.  2012 was a very good
year with the puppies going into new homes spreading "Love and HAPPINESS one puppy at a time". I truley
LOVE making human families happy and fullfilled with the adoption of my puppies! Thank you for your
confidence in me as a person and  a breeder!  

I do have some 2013 projects on the horizon.... Firstly, I want to have installed surveillance cameras (nanny
cams) in all my nursery rooms so I can keep an eye on the dogs and puppies no matter where I am at... I feel
this will be a very good investment!  Secondly, I would like to have professionally done advertisement art work
done on my Tahoe to showcase my beautiful shorties!

I also would like to take this time to thank my son, Nate and Trisha for all their hard work  that they have
devoted to this business....Without them, I seriously think we would not be where we are today...
Addi Lynn, My grandaughter
My precious lil' angel
Addison Lynn Ekstrom
Arrived November 9th, 2012
Vicki and Addi
My Precious Addi
Born: November 9th,
Alisha's Family
This is my Daughter and her family. From left to right is youngest son Matthew,
Alisha, Daughter Addi, Husband Mike and oldest son Dakotah and of course
Odie the Golden Retriever!
I am so blessed and thankful that I can call her my daughter!
Addi Lynn
Addi Lynn
Addi Lynn
Vicki and Addi
Vicki, Matthew and Addi
My daughter Alisha and my two Grandchildren Matthew and Addi visited with me for a week recently.  We had sooo much fun!!! For those
of you that don't know... Alisha gave birth to a beautiful little girl on November 9th, 2012.  Addison Lynn was a total SURPRISE!   We are so
blessed to have her join our family!!!   I now have 3 amazing Grandchildren... Dakotah 17, Matthew 13 and Addi 5 months old!
Addi Lynn
For those of you that don't know this lil' girl is my Granddaughter..Addi.  
This was her first play date with a human her size.  His name is
Johnny... kinda funny when her Mom Alisha was little her best friend
was also named Johnny!..  Addi LOVES lil' Johnny.. She is going to be
just like her Mama, VERY SOCIAL and HAPPY!!!
Addi Lynn my Granddaughter
Vicki and Addi
Even though the Broncos didn't win the
and I still LOVE them!