When you get your new puppy, he will only have 1 or 2 vaccinations against
Parvo.  He will need another booster in 2 to 3 weeks.

Take him to your vet and please be sure and take his puppy vaccination and
worming record with you and be sure and show your Veterinarian.
The following are precautions that I think is very important to reduce your
puppy’s chance of getting PARVO.

1.  Do not allow or take your puppy to parks or areas where other dogs and
puppies are roaming.

2. When you take your puppy to your Veterinarian, please contain your puppy!  
Either put him in his crate or hold him!  Do not let him down on the floor to
roam and sniff!  I would also recommend…. do not let him down outside  at
the Veterinarians office.  Make sure he goes potty at your house before you
take him to the Veterinarian.

3. Last but not least… Keep a watchful eye on your baby to see what he is
picking up and eating.  They are much like human babies and will pick anything
up and start eating it.

4. Ask your Veterinarian when it will be safe for you to start taking your puppy
to parks and around other dogs and puppies.
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