Colorado Shorty Jacks
Colorado Shorty Jacks' Kloie
9" Tall
PLL and SCA CLEAR by Parentage
EJRTCA Registered
.  I am very proud of Kloie  with her sweet and loving disposition!  
If you are looking for a true puddin' type shorty, then one of Kloie's might be what you are looking for.  
I expect 8" -  9" tall when mature.
Shortie Jacks Elway Male
1200.00 each
These babies should be very short and stocky with a great personality just like both of the parents.
Now accepting a 400.00 deposit for reservations.

Kloie and Elway are the proud parents of 4 little babies!  She has 3 females and 1 boy.  They were born on
September 6th, 2019 and will be ready for new homes November 1st, 2019 or after.
Vicki Watts @ Colorado Shortie Jacks
20464 Hwy 92
Delta, Colorado 81416
Cell: 970-640-8798
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Please remember to fill out my online puppy application and submit it .... We will need to talk before you
actually purchase a Colorado Jack Puppy.
shorty jacks not disposable
Our pets/companions enter and leave our
lives, but the impressions they make on
our hearts stay with us FOREVER!
No guarantee on exact
size, ear set, or coat
color/type at adulthood
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Kevin - Male - Sold to Mario & Arwen.. Congratulations!!
Kelly - Female - Sold To Kathy & Family.. Congratulations!! 3rd Colorado Shorty Jack!
Katie - Female - Sold To Gene & Janet.. Congratulations!
Karma - Female - Sold To Sherri.. 2nd Colorado SHorty Jack..
Kacey - Female - Sold to Tami & Roy..
2nd Colorado Shorty Jack... Congratulations!!!