I am very proud of each and everyone of my girls here at Colorado Jacks!  They are sweet and
very friendly with nice conformations and bone structure.   Every female will let me  help during the
birthing process if  my assistance is needed.  The  puppies are held by me the minute they are born
and this continues until they are ready for their new homes.  I have raised most of my females and
males from puppyhood.   They get groomed, bathed, kissed and played with continually.  They get
the run of the farm indoors and out with supervision of course.  Quality bloodlines are  a must, with
good looks and great temperaments to have a sound breeding program.  These are my goals and I
strive for this each and everyday.  All my adult dogs are on a very strict worming and vaccination
schedule along with heart worm prevention and routinely toe nail trims.  I feed the highest quality
food along with vitamins and supplements.  I
DO NOT skimp on any aspect of my breeding
program...being food, vitamins, over all health and housing facilities.  They get the best so I can
pass the best on to you...
My Colorado Jacks Families!
I feel the combination of my bloodlines  along with other quality lines produces fantastic prime
examples of the russell terrier breed.  One that you can be proud to own.
Vicki Watts @ Colorado Shorty Jacks
20464 Hwy 92
Delta, Colorado 81416
Home: 970-874-8892  or  Cell: 970-640-8798
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Shorty jacks cassie smoothcoat
The Girls of Colorado ShortyJacks
The following females will be included in my 2015 Breeding Program
Colorado Jacks Tank X Gracie Daughter
Colorado Jacks Durango X Fergie
Shorty Jacks Talley