The following couples have been mated or are being mated.  I  take into consideration the personality of
each dog, along with bone construction, bloodline, height and coat type.  I feel that this procedure brings to
you a very healthy and happy puppy that can be a part of your life for many years to come.  I just hope and
pray that your puppy will bring to you and your family as much love and laughter as they have brought to me
and my family!  
I couldn't imagine my life without them!    GOD BLESS!
Colorado Short Jack Russell Terriers
Home to some of the MOST CUTEST and  LOVABLE lil' Shorties
Short Legged Jack Russell Terrier Puppy For Sale, Irish English Shortie Puddin Jacks, Shorty Jack Puppies, Smooth Broken Rough,
EJRTCA  UKC Breeder,

A $400.00 paid deposit will secure your pick.
My puppies are bred to be family companions, that are loving and loyal to their family and that are adaptable to
many family situations/lifestyles.  I  
DO NOT breed my dogs for competition in the jack russell  trials.  
I want more of a loving, calmer and sweeter terrier.
EJRTCA registered (English Jack Russell Terrier Club Alliance)
Some are
AKC (American Kennel Club)
Some are
UKC registered (United Kennel Club)
English, Irish, and Australian origins

Ability - Athletic
Brains - Trainable &Willingness
Conformation - well rounded/balanced
*** Please Note *** Deposits are non refundable, but in many cases can be transferred to another litter.  However, I
will not refund a deposit just because you have found another puppy with another breeder or you change your mind.
So before you send in a deposit, please make sure this is what you truly want and that you are ready to take on the
responsibility of caring for and training the puppy where he/she can become a family member!
Where all the puppies are cared for
and handled several times daily!
Colorado Scenery
" Spreading Love and Joy... One Shorty Jack Puppy at a Time"
No "HOLDS" on puppies without a "PAID" deposit....
A paid deposit is good for up to ONE YEAR!
After one year, if you haven't made a decision, you then forfeit your deposit.
Colorado Shorty Jacks reserves the right to retain a puppy out of any litter...especially on the
roughcoat lines as it is sometimes very difficult to determine the coats at an early age.
Thank You for Understanding!
Please remember to fill out my online puppy application and submit it .... We will need to talk before you
actually purchase a Colorado Jack Puppy.
Vicki Watts @ Colorado Shortie Jacks
20464 Hwy 92
Delta, Colorado 81416
Home: 970-874-8892  or  Cell: 970-640-8798
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All Rights Reserved
English Jack Russell Terrier Club
shorty jacks not disposable
Our pets/companions enter and leave our
lives, but the impressions they make on
our hearts stay with us FOREVER!
We have got a wonderful and beautiful line up of breeding parents for 2018!  These parents will produce GORGEOUS babies with awesome personalties and
intelligence!! Will have smoothcoats, brokencoats and roughcoats available!  I encourage you to send in a 400.00 deposit if you are "FOR SURE" you are
wanting a baby from any of these breedings!
Teaka X Elway - Smoothcoats **1st Pick Female - Cowan** - **1st Pick Male - Jennifer Taylor** - LITTER SOLD
Isabelle X PacMan- Smoothcoats
**1st Pick Female - Steve & Kathy Reed** - LITTER SOLD
Desi X Pacman - Smoothcoats
** 1st Pick Female - Shelley Wilfong**
Kloie X Elway - Smoothcoats - LITTER SOLD
Siri X Elway - Smoothcoats - LITTER SOLD
Sissy X Zippie - Roughcoats -
1st Pick Female - Helen Schweizer - 1st Pick Male - Debra Rivers
Boo X Zippie - Roughcoats - 1st Pick Female - Pattie
Roughcoat Female - Christine D.
Shortie Jacks Elway Male
Teaka X Elway - Click Here
Babies Have Arrived!!