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Shay - Colorado Female Jack Russell Terrier
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Shortie Jack - Shay
Shay - Smoothcoat
10" Tall
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Shay and Beari welcomed 4 beautiful babies on January 22nd, 2018.  They have 2 little girls and 2 boys.  
I am very pleased with this litter..They are
AWESOME! They will be ready for their new homes on March
19th or after. The puppies will be extensively socialized and also with my cats before going to their new
homes. They were born and is being raised in my home. I have an open door policy meaning at anytime
during the life of one of my puppies, if for any reason you can't take care of the puppy/dog, he or she is
always welcomed back here to where they were born!
The Sire
Expecting Smooth,
Broken and Rough
Coated puppies!!!
Sarge - Sold to Carey & Family!!  Congratulations!!
Scotty - Male - Sold To Zepplin and Nicole.. Congratulations!
Skye - Female - SOLD
Shilo - Female
Sold To Elizabeth and Family.. Congratulations!!