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Jack Russell Terrier Puppies..........
of Colorado     
Home to some of the MOST CUTEST and LOVABLE
Lil' Shorties
"Zippie" Roughcoat
9.5" Tall
AKC Registered
EJRTCA Registered
DNA Tested PLL ( Primary Lens Luxation) - N/N Clear
Spinocerebellar Ataxia (SCA) in Progress - Tested CLEAR (3-19-14)

I cannot begin to say enough of good things about Zippie!  He is truely a happy go lucky lil' jack!   He has played a very important part in my
breeding program and will continue to do so.  He has the sweetest and happiest lil' personality and is very strong in his roughcoat genes.  He
has sired many a fine pup to date.  If you need a laugh just come and play with Zippie sometime!  He is sure to make you laugh!!!!
Vicki Watts @ Colorado Jacks
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Delta, Colorado 81416
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"Happi Jacks Zippie of Colorado Jacks"

9.5 " Tall - Full Roughcoat
Weighs  14 lbs.

Zippie is always  a happy lil' boy running around wagging his tail and wanting to be
petted.  He has a very happy go lucky attitude and  passes this much desired trait
onto his kids.
Zippie's Sire: Farr West Mr. Stubbs
Zippie's   Dam : City Slicker Suzie Q