I would like to thank all my wonderful families who have given such loving and caring homes to my precious
I am very grateful and thankful for all the wonderful e-mails and pictures you send which bring much
laughter,  joy and tears of happiness to my heart.
I feel very fortunate and blessed that I can have these lil' guys in my life if only for a short time!  
I just thought I would let you know that Yukon is so perfect.  George and I are madly in love.  I have
ordered vitamins and gotten dog food,  his collar arrived this evening via ups.  So far he has not
gone to the bathroom in the house.  He loves our yard and has gone to the sliding door to be let out
twice.  I have a sweater arriving tomorrow.  We have been having unusually warm weather for now
but it is never as cold as CO.  Thanks again for raising such wonderful healthy dogs.  We are both
thrilled to have him. Laurie
Hi Vicki,
Hope the New Year is treating you well!  I am just dropping a line to
let you know what a wonderful pup Izzy (formerly Marley) is.  She is
smart, easy going, loveable and funny.  What ever you are doing, keep it
up!  She already sleeps through the night and is starting to get the
hang of house-training.  She follows the sit command an is working on
come.  My family calls her the Dog Who Saved Christmas.  The reason is
that the day after we brought her home I fell down a flight of steps and
broke my leg.  I have to stay off it for 8 weeks and she has had my
undivided attention for the last two.
Attached are some pics I thought you might enjoy and will send you more
as she grows.

Thanks again for a great dog!
Mary  Beth
Hi Vicki,
Just wanted to thank you for our new puppy! She has definitely
found her spot in our home especially with my boxer, Dakota.
They LOVE each other!!! Sadie is full of love and life that's for
sure. Just wanted to show you that she is definitely loved by not
only us but all of our dogs too.
-Kasey of the Cape family
Hi Vicki,
I feel like such a dummy. Could you tell me who were Bunco's (now Dooley)
parents? We adore this boy SO much that we are thinking we would like a
companion next year if the mom and dad are the same. Of course, we are also
in love with Lego but could not do that until December. Dooley is just such a joy.
We had to go to town today to run our -what seems like 10,000 errands. Of
course he always goes with us and was just so fun. My husband does not
always go, as he has real trouble getting around, but he was so tickled with
Dooley today, had so much fun with him just being with us. I am just so
appreciative of how you raise these puppies and the delightful personality our
Dooley has. He loves, loves the cat, who tolerates his licking and jumping on
him. Our big guy, who is 110 pounds, is his best friend and they play together
inside all day. When we go outside for walks he tries SO hard to keep up that I
finally have to scoop him up so I don't feel like his little heart will explode. He is
so loving, so brave, so adventurous, so fearless and such a delight. I just don't
know when I have been SO in love with a pup. We have almost had him a month
and I just cannot imagine my/our lives without this bundle of joy and love. Thank
you again so so much...

(Theo Rike-Watson in Oregon)

I look forward to many years with my boy and an additional playmate in the
Dear Vicki,
Jax is gorgeous.. Once again you made our day! I know
your busy so the time you take is very kind.I will have him
chipped We will smother him with love and
attention.Thanks for breeding Roughy's as you well know
Roughy's Rule.
Regards Max and Mary
Hi Vicki,

We made it back safe and sound.
They both did really well on the way
home. Neither one got sick and he just
slept most of the way. They're also
getting along great. Thanks again for
having me at your place and letting me
pick him up today. It's always really
nice talking with you.

Dear Vicki,
I hope you had a wonderful Christmas with your little Jack Russell family.  I just wanted to let you know that
Olivia (from York Pa.) had her yearly check up yesterday.  She actually had her appointment with the head
vet at our local vet office with Dr. Charles London(he is the owner )

Dr. London could not stop talking about how Olivia is such a perfect specimine of a Jack Russell.  Her feet,
legs, chest, teeth everything was absolutely perfect.  He just could not stop commenting about how beautiful
and perfect she is.  He talked about her so much he said his staff will be upset with him because he will be
running behind schedule.  
Oh, he also said he would take her in a minute but guess what?  She couldn't be bought for any amount of
money- no way no how!

I just thought you would be interested in our vets remarks especially after my recent email questions.  I know
this feedback was well received by me and made me feel even better about owning a true Colorado shorty

Thanks again for your diligence and great breeding practices.  I feel your efforts as well as mine studying the
best breeder to purchase my pet from has really paid off.  This dog is a true delight, has the greatest
personality and is very much an important and loved person in my family.

Thank you Vicki!
Hey Vicki ---here are some pics of the kids !!! getting bigger
huh?? they are so so so sweet - I just love them to death -
that Winston is the apple of my eye I tell ya --- Nikki girl is the
sweetest , most gentle,,she is so good never gets into trouble
- the WInston boy ,,he's  a pistol - he may be the smallest of
the bunch but he bosses them all - he takes no crap from
any of them !! so funny ----- thank you again - great blessing
on us!!!  I also sent a few pics of Zach - Domino's boy - this
was fromm today at a big quarter horse show - he qualified
for the world show today !! YEA!!!!!! he is pretty cute too!!!
hee hee   have good night - talk to you soon!!!!  xoxox, Cindy
, Winson, Nikki and Domino

This is from the lady that purchased Yukon...   This clip came from Face Book

I just thought I would let you know that Yukon is so perfect. George and I are madly in love. I have ordered vitamins and gotten dog food, his
collar arrived this evening via ups. So far he has not gone to the bathroom in the house. He loves our yard and has gone to the sliding door to
be let out twice. I have a sweater arriving tomorrow. We have been having unusually warm weather for now but it is never as cold as CO.
Thanks again for raising such wonderful healthy dogs. We are both thrilled to have him. Laurie
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Patti Davis Dunlap Yay you Vicki!!! I have to join in with the Thank You for raising such wonderful healthy dogs!!! Jax is a absolute joy!
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Amy Berkebile Toomey I'll second that!
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Shelley Bliss Kaplan Nice!!!
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Kelli DeDisse I will go with this. Yogie and Jenni are perfect. Except they slept on this morning and made me late for work!
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Virginia Snip I,ll join in with kudos! Samson aka Zippie is the greatest little dog EVER!
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Vicki Watts Thank you all very much! It sure means alot to me knowing and hearing that my puppies are wonderful and healthy and you love
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Catharine Carter What kind of pups do you breed?
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Verna Sorensen Miss Maggie is wonderful, healthy and loved, loved, loved!! Thanks to Mama
Hi Vicki,
What is the process in getting her registered in the different
groups? Shelby is doing very good she loves it outside when its
not 100+. She is doing well with the other 2 dogs. She is very bold
and not scared of much. She went to the vet to get established.
They were very surprised at how well she looked and her attitude.
We go and visit her again at the end of the month for boosters.
She follows me everywhere wondering what I am doing. She sleeps
with me at night and doesn't wake till its time to get up and knows
its time to go outside. I am very pleased with her. Thank you very
much Vicki. I will send you some new pictures in the near future.

Hi Vickie, hope this note finds you and yours doing
well. Yazzie is doing great. We graduated from the
kayaks to a new pontoon boat. She absolutely loves
going for a boat ride.  She gives the skiers hell and
likes to talk to the fishermen when they catch one.
She started out as first mate but I think she is angling
for my captains chair. Take care. Thanks again for
bringing her into our lives.  John

John is a veterinarian on the east coast.

They have been SO good and SO
smart and SO well behaved, it is
it much easier to suddenly have twins.
Xmas eve and day pics. They got WAY
more presents from people than I  
did... they unwrapped their own
Johnny Barkley and Daisy
How can one not be with this cute little guy? but he is now being
loved by 3 little boys and their parents. I get daily updates and
actually spent all day with him in GJ on Monday - he was so good
and does great on potty training. But I keep thinking about little
Whisper - Waldo's sister - wanted to take her home. Hope the
new owners give her lots of love.
Heather and Whisper
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