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Hey, Vicki!

Tank and I are doing well!

I cannot tell you how happy I am with this little guy!  I have had many puppies over the course of my life but have
NEVER been as impressed as I am with this little one!  I totally attribute his wonderful behavior, ease of training
and sweet disposition to the special way you have prepared him for his new home.  YOU ARE AWESOME!

I would highly recommend you to anyone.  As far as I am concerned I would never buy from any other breeder.  I
use that term (breeder) lightly as we know that you truly become a "mother" to the pups.  I can only say that to
me this has become more of an family adoption experience than a pet purchase.  Tank is extremely healthy,
well-socialized, and well-behaved.  Without a doubt, whatever you are doing - YOU ARE DOING IT WELL!

And lest I forget . . . Tank has not had one accident in the house!  That in itself is simply amazing!

Did I tell you . . . He sleeps through the night!  This certainly makes my life easy!

. . . and he is one terrific "babe magnet"!  That goes without saying!

Keep up the good work!  I will keep you posted and continue to send you baby pictures.

Please feel free to give my name to anyone considering obtaining a new family member from you.

God bless,

Robbin Olson
Hi Vicki,
I just had to send you current pictures of Cajun.  I think she looks like a mirror image of Jasmine with a little less brown
around one eye.  Her hair is growing and absolutely lovely, seems to be getting shaggier by the day.  When we take her for a
walk everyone stops to tell her how pretty she is.  Of course she already knows this and shows off with a jaunty little walk
that I think only a JRT shortie can do!  She’s up to about 10 ½ pounds and rules the roost.  We always said that she would
never be allowed on the furniture but she is so good and loves to sleep in our laps. Can’t resist that beautiful little face
looking up at you.  Right now she’s in the middle of teething but seems to be handling it well.  Can’t thank you enough for all
you did to get us a happy well adjusted girl.  
Joyce Beaudry
June 12, 2006
dear vicki,
well you are right she is a little sweetie and the whole family and neighbors are in love with her.  i
left her with my neighbor across the street today while we went to church.

she took pictures and sent them to her daughter who lives in texas and now she wants to come
home just to see the puppy.  she had a ruff night trying to sleep but we kept her in the crate.   she
was ready to get up and play this morning and seems to love the grass in the backyard, she ate all
her breakfast and went poop, all outside.

thanks again for everything

last night was better but i can't believe how well she only goes tinkle outside or at night only on her puppy
pad, she is so young it's amazing, you have done a really great job.


July 4, 2006
Hi Vicki, this is Joseph and Jennie the new owners of Sophie. I just
wanted to thank you so much for this wonderful dog. We couldn't be
more happier. Jennie, and her whole family love the dog!! We will take
good care of her so you don't have to worry at all. She is healthy and
doing well. She is living in a Huge home so she has alot of room to
play. Jennie already ordered Sophie a doggy bed, sofa, and toys, food,
shampoo, etc for the dog. I promise she will be taken excellent care
of. When we get a chance we will take pictures and send them to you so
you can see. Once again , thank you so much and we will keep in touch.


Joseph Kim, Jennie Bahng
Shorty Jacks

Just got back to our Denver house from our 4th of July trip to Steamboat.  Spanky is doing GREAT!!  
She is eating good, having a ton of fun wrestling with Powder and being a darling puppy.  I tought you
would enjoy seeing a few pictures of the two of them together.  

Headed to the Vet's office tomorrow for a check up and boostershot.  Thanks again for raising such a
wonderful puppy for us.  She is quite the attention getter everywhere we go!!!    

Rick & Beth
Colorado Shorty Jacks
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